Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Review

A Review Of The Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow

With more than 1 million crossbows sold over countless years of operation, Barnett has worked towards being one of the leading names, if not the leading name, in crossbow hunting. As every model reflects a push towards creating a perfect product, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow is the next in a long line of products hoping to win you over. So, is the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow worth purchasing ? Does Barnett live up to its reputation for quality? Read my review to find out!


Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow review

With finger reminders and pass-through fore grip, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow certainly looks professional. Utilizing a high-energy cam system, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow can send arrows at incredible speeds towards their target. Ensuring a better aim and shot, the crosswire string and cable system helps to keep arrows on target.

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As with other crossbows across models it is recommended that you wax the strings after every 10 shots to ensure the durability of the bow. The crossbow comes with a 3-arrow quiver and 3 20-inch headhunter arrows.


Specifications of the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow

The Brotherhood Crossbow is made out of lightweight composite stock specifically engineered to handle significant forces again and again with deformation. With a firing velocity of 350, the draw weight of the crossbow is 160. This makes the FPKE 10, the power stroke 13, and the overall weight 7 pounds.

The entire package consists of a crossbow, a scope, a user manual, hardware, a quiver, and 3 bolts. Finally, the dimensions of the crossbow are 35.75 inches long by 21 inches wide.


What do I think of the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow?


The first thing that got my attention is how short the crossbow is (See picture). Shorter than other models, many people were first turned away from the crossbow because of the length. However, once fired, you are sold.

There is some incredible strength behind every shot and people reported it holding up very well to repeated firing if cared properly. Some found out that it worked best when the strings were waxed after every 5 shots instead of the recommended 10. This helped to increase the life of the strings.

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Quiet and packing a punch, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow has become a popular alternative instead of much heavier and more expensive models. While many people loved the crossbow, some found fault with various aspects in its designs as well as the combo pack as a whole.

For example, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Combo does not come with either the cocking rope or string stopper. There are a couple of issues. While packing a punch, some report having significant trouble aiming with it. Furthermore you should be careful with the safety because sometimes it cannot lock fully in place.


Guru’s verdict

Aside the minor issues, the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow represents another solid addition in the Barnett line. If you are looking for a comparably lightweight crossbow that packs a punch and is in the $400 range, then the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow is perfect for you.

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