Barnett Ghost Crossbow Review

A Review Of The Barnett Ghost Crossbow

For more than 50 years, Barnett has been among the leading producers of crossbows in the United States. Selling over 1 million crossbows over the half century of its operation, Barnett is expanding its line of crossbows every year. Hence there are several different versions of the Barnett Ghost Crossbow.

While those listed in the 400 range and above are guaranteed to provide incredible force, let’s take a look at the least powerful model, the Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT.

We will review how it operates, it’s specifications, and how it compares to other crossbows both in its own line and compared to other manufacturers.


Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 review

Among the incredible diversity of crossbows sold by Barnett, the Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow is the lightest crossbow they sell.

Created using carbon riser technology that allows for lightweight and flexible material, the Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT has a molded trigger that allows for a precise shot.

In addition to being amazingly quiet, the Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT has a fantastic shot and great accuracy for a crossbow of this weight. 3 arrows, a quiver, and a cocking device come with the product.

As with other Barnett crossbows, you should strongly consider reading the manual prior to operation as well as waxing the strings as well as any other movable parts to reduce damages caused by ware and tare.

On a final note, the Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT comes with a limited 5-year warranty against defects in material due to workmanship during construction.

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Specifications of the Barnett Ghost Crossbow

The dimensions of the Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT are 32.8 inches by 12.2 inches by 7 inches. Measured at 13 pounds shipped, the crossbow by itself is 7.6 pounds.

The 20-inch arrows are propelled forward by a 175-pound draw weight. 116 foot-pounds of energy make for forceful arrow velocities that are amazing to see in a crossbow this small and lightweight.

With 350 FPS firing velocity, the Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT is great for those who want a lighter alternative to some of the heavier crossbows that Barnett provides.


What do I think of the Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT?


The Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT received incredibly positive reviews. Among the numerous positive remarks was that the crossbow was fairly easy to cock.

Individuals liked the illuminated scope and really liked the lack of a kick when firing. A great option for people just beginning as well, many thought that later models of the Barnett Outdoors Ghost were overkill.

With the incredible power provided by the crossbow, it’s very light design makes it perfect for pretty much everyone.

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Among the few complaints were a handful of individuals who received defective bows that broke after the first few uses. Though replaced, some thought it might be dangerous.

In addition, many saw the scope quality to be questionable.


Guru’s verdict

The Barnett Ghost Crossbow 350 CRT is an incredible crossbow that you should strongly consider getting, especially if you are new to crossbows.

It’s lightweight design hides incredible power and its straightforward use makes it a favorite again and again.

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