Barnett Predator Crossbow Review

A Review Of The Barnett Predator Crossbow

Selling a range of crossbows from lightweight and portable to heavyweights capable of sending bolts and arrows at incredible velocities, Barnett has something for everyone.  Specializing in crossbows for hunters, the design and use of their bows work perfectly for those looking for a reliable tool.  With 50 years of experience and design know-how, the crossbows released by Barnett continue to change over time as minor improvements are made.  With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review the Barnett Predator Crossbow. 

A heavier crossbow capable of delivering a punch, let’s see how it stands up to the competition as well as its own legacy.


Barnett Predator Crossbow review

The Barnett Predator Crossbow is probably best known for being the first patented crossbow of its kind that shoots through the foot stirrup. With a patented magnesium STR riser and its isolation limbs, the Barnett Predator Crossbow reduces vibration and noise with every release.

Comprised of GAM stock, the crossbow is light for its size, making it ideal for those experienced in using crossbows to hunt.

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Along with a range of adjustable options, the Barnett Predator Crossbow continues the legacy of providing individuals with more than just a crossbow when purchased.

This is good because at around $550, it is among the more expensive crossbows released by the Barnett Company.

As a final consideration, there is a 5-year limited warranty on construction defects.


Specifications of the Barnett Predator Crossbow 

As you might imagine, what individuals love most about this heavy-duty bow is its power.

Firing shots at a staggering 375 FPS, the Barnett Predator Crossbow has 175 pound draw weight and 113 foot-pounds of energy.

Measuring at 33 inches by 13 inches by 7 inches, the weight reflects the force necessary to create such high FPS.

The Barnett Predator Crossbow fires 22-inch arrows and has a 15-inch power stroke.

What do I think of the Barnett Predator Crossbow ?


The majority of buyers reported excellent and quick shipping through Amazon.

Along with better power, range, and penetration than previous models in the Barnett line, the Barnett Predator Crossbow offers an easy loading system with the rope-cocking device.

While firing bolts at incredibly fast speeds, the Barnett Predator Crossbow is loved for being stable and dependable.

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What the Barnett Predator Crossbow has in size it loses in handling.

Individuals report the crossbow being harder to use than other models.

In addition, the 9-pound front heavy weight can create problems with aiming; often-requiring people use a rest.

A minority of individuals reported the crank cocker breaking when being used, but this happens rarely so it shouldn’t be an issue


Guru’s verdict

The Barnett Predator Crossbow is a heavy-duty crossbow offering incredible power and FPS speeds.

That being said, it is not for everyone.  A heavier weight and challenges with aiming make it perfect for those who are a bit stronger and more experienced with a crossbow.

Troubles aside, if you want a powerful crossbow that excels in it’s price range and won’t leave you disappointed, then the Barnett Predator Crossbow should either be top or near the top of your list depending on what other models you are looking at.

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