Best red dot sight – What to buy?

Best Red Dot Sight

Hunting is something that millions of Americans love to do.

For over 2,500 years, this was done with a bow or crossbow. However, with the invention of the gun, the bow became obsolete, and wasn’t so popular anymore.

Now there are a whole set of hunters that are bringing back the crossbow as their weapon of choice for hunting. A big challenge when using a crossbow is aiming at prey from a long distance. Now that problem is solved by using a crossbow scope, which will help to improve your accuracy as well as your ability to see. Looking for the best red dot sight? Read below.

Best red dot sight: the optimum choice

No matter what scope you buy, one thing you want to be looking for is the red dot sight. Choosing the best red dot sight is not easy.

These kinds of sights can be used on both firearms and crossbows. Actually, any weapon that requires aiming. The red dot sight pastes an illuminating red dot on the target you are aiming at, ensuring that you have a clear sight to the target.

  • If you don’t see that the red dot on the animal, then you know that something is in the way and it’s likely that it will stop you from accurately hitting your target. A red dot sight is especially useful for hitting quick moving animals.
  • Magnification is another thing you want to pay attention to when making your choice for the best crossbow scope for you. Some people have great vision and don’t need a real high powered scope to assist them while hunting. But, there are those who need as much help as they can find. This means they want to find a scope with magnification of at least 4x that of normal vision. Magnifications range from 3x to 32x normal vision.
  • The tube diameter is important for many. These range from a half inch to a full inch for most. This is something that is personal to some people, as some choose to have larger sight diameters because it fits the size of the eye and their crossbow better, while others like the smaller sizes.
tube diameter
  • The length of the sight can range from 5 to nearly 10 inches. This is also a matter of preference for those who wish to use a longer scope because of the way that it fits on their crossbow.
  • You should check with the manufacturer, before making any choosing the best red dot sight.

Tips for choosing the best red dot sight

If you are looking for the very best crossbow scope for yourself, here are some things you want to consider.

  • Finding the right distance for you – most scopes provide optimal aiming points from 20 to 100 yards. This is important depending upon the kind of animal you are most likely to hunt. When going for deer, you won’t get too close without spooking them, so a longer range is better. Many squirrels you can get within 25 yards of, so a shorter range scope may be perfect for you.
  • Magnification – if you are a person who has eagle eyes, then you may find this discussion unimportant. Unfortunately, many hunters don’t have that kind of vision. This deprives them of the ability of hitting their intended target, and also could lead to an injury of another hunter.
  • Safety and Care – there are great scopes that come with shock, fog, and water proof capabilities. This can be very important if you want to make your hunting venture a productive one.

Top 3 Crossbow Scopes

BSA Red Dot 30mm Scope with 5 MOA

If you are looking for best red dot sight, then the Bsa red dot sight could be the solution for you.

  • The 5 MOA Red Dot has an 11 position rheostat. This is an outstanding accessory that can provide the best scope imaginable.
  • It comes with a standard 3 volt lithium battery, and you are able to control the amount of brightness on the scope.


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  • The BSA Red Dot scope works with a wide variety of crossbows and rifles as well. The sighting on it is truly spectacular and you will be amazed at the magnification that it provides.
  • The large diameter eyepiece makes it easier to adjust to looking through the site. The optics are spectacular. You will love how easy it is to locate targets.
  • There is also a one-year warranty provided.

Redfield Revenge 2-7x34 ABS Crossbow Scope

  • This Redfield scope is good for most people. The glass is extremely clear and makes vision a piece of cake.
  • The reticle is ideal for different ranges and the price is very reasonable for the benefits that you receive.
  • It provides a great vision on tracking and aiming at the animals, especially at anything within 50 yards. This makes it so that you can still be far enough away as to not spook the critter, but still be able to get an accurate shot.


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Aim Sports 4x32 Compact Rangefinder Scope

  • This is a very compact, little scope, less than 7.75 inches long, but comes with an incredibly powerful punch to it.
  • The magnification expands to 4x normal vision and the diameter is 1 inch, which is ideal making quick adjustments.
  • The objective on the lens is 32 mm, and provides a quality view when using magnification.
  • Great scope that comes at a very reasonable price.


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Getting the right scope for your crossbow will only make your ability to hunt that much more enjoyable. These can provide you with the amazing sight and magnification that you need to make you a true weapon of destruction.