Broadhead Reviews

Broadhead reviews – Improving Your Chance at Catching the Big One

Hunting is one of the most popular sports in America these days. Whether a person is hunting for food for him or herself and their family or they are doing it simply for sport, there is a lot to enjoy about a day out in the wilderness looking to nab a big catch. What makes a hunter good at his craft is the same thing that makes any craftsman good – their tools – broadheads reviews.

It doesn’t matter if you are fixing a leaky pipe or trying to stop a six-point buck, if you don’t have the right tools to do the job then you can be sure that your success will be limited.

This is why a hunter needs to make sure that they have the very best equipment to be able to catch the prey of their choice. The broadhead is one of those tools that can make all the difference in the world.

Many broadhead reviews say that these are some key points to consider when making your selection.

  • Dimensions – Most of the broadheads you will find are in a 3:1 ratio. This means that they are three times longer than they are wide. For example, if the length is 3-3/16 inches, then the width should be 1-1/16.
    The length is going to be dependent upon the kind of animal you are hunting. A 3-3/16 inch broadhead may virtually obliterate a rabbit or squirrel, especially if the kind of crossbow you are using has a huge amount of force behind it. Conversely, a 2” arrowhead may not do much to a large buck. This is why you want to choose a length that suits your needs.
  • Weight – more weight will mean more force, but it will also mean less speed, even if it is a small difference.
  • Ferrule – The inside diameter of the ferrule should be something like 23/64 of an inch, with a taper degree of no more than 5 degrees. This ensures that the impact will pierce quickly, instead of being stunted by the tough skin of some animals.
  • You also want to make sure that the head is made out of a durable material. This will allow repeated use and that it can withstand the impact against bone and muscle, remaining sharp throughout the process.

Broadhead reviews: choosing the best

First of all, make sure you know what you will hunt. It makes no sense to get a broadhead that is made for small animals to use for bigger ones. For example, the best broadheads for deer look a lot like a turkey head, and can have up to six cutting edges. This allows them to really make a big impact.

If you are looking for the best fixed blade broadhead, you should watch for the ability to resharpen the blades. An impact against bone or tough layers of muscle are going to dull the blade. You will need to resharpen them, and you want to get a brand that really is made for this. Most are, but you want to check to make sure.

Ability to penetrate – there are many great arrowheads out there, but some are made to provide success at more specific kinds of angles. This may not work, especially in smaller animals. This is why you need to check to make sure that the broadhead has the ability to make an opening no matter what angle you are at. Some actually guarantee that they will.

Barnett Cross Gamecrusher Broadheads 100 Grain

  • Most broadhead reviews say this a very durable broadhead and it’s one of the best broadheads for deer.
  • With 100 grain weight and ability to file it to make sure that blades are always straight, you are able to get the very best  accuracy.
  • It’s flexible on impact, but durable enough to handle the rigours of breaking through skin and bone without being damaged.
  • A very accurate choice at a price that is competitive with any other on the market.
  • This broadhead is perfect for shooting at targets up to 60 yards, but has its greatest accuracy at around 30. In fact, many are amazed at the impact it makes when hitting targets between 20 and 30 yards.


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Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead

  • Made for maximum damage.
  • With six cutting edges, no animal is getting away after being hit by this arrowhead, and this is why it is rated as one of the absolute best broadheads for deer hunting.
  • It creates a 250 percent larger wound than traditional broadheads, leaving little ability for the deer to escape.
  • Even with six edges, broadhead reviews mention that this is incredibly accurate and well-designed. It is aerodynamically designed to provide 100 percent spin so that the precision is spot on.
  • The diameter of the broadhead is 1-3/16 inch.
  • The ferrule is made from an aircraft grade aluminum.
  • The blades are stainless steel and can handle repetead use.
  • This broadhead works extremely well with both carbon and aluminum crossbolts.

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Swhacker 100 Grain Cut + 1 Practice Head & DVD

  • This is one of the best buys you will find out there.
  • This broadhead provides a lot of quality, and there is a great deal of stuff that you get with your purchase.
  • Comes in a three pack and an additional practice head.
  • The DVD provides tips and shows you how to add to the longevity and usefulness of this broadhead.
  • The 100 grain pack comes with an expandable 2-blade broadhead.
  • The head opens incredibly quick. This makes the sound of which is named after – “Swhack!”

  • The ferrule is made of anodised aircraft aluminum and hardened with high carbon steel pint.
  • The blade is 0.032 inches thick.


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Allen 14625 Archery Target Point Grizzly 3-Blade Broadhead 125 Grain

  • A more economical brand to purchase: it doesn’t come with some of the features that other broadheads do, but you will still love how great this one works.
  • It flies true, especially with distances of less than 30 yards, and the blades are razor sharp.
  • Most broadhead reviews say that for the price, there is truly nothing that can beat it.


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These four provide you with great options no matter what you are hunting or how much you can afford.

You will truly find that there is no going wrong with any of the broadheads reviews, as they provide you options for the best broadheads for deer hunting as well as best fixed blade broadhead options on the market today.