Carbon Express Axon Crossbow Review

A Review Of The Carbon Express Axon Crossbow

Though it lacks the same legacy as other crossbow manufacturers who produce their crossbows in the United States, Carbon Express has made a name for itself in medium and high-end crossbows.  Building up a steady following through superior design, excellent customer service, and attention to detail, this release of the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow brought about a new age in terms of quality for Carbon Express.

Along with the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow, they released the Interceptor Supercoil, Covert CX-3 SL, Covert CX-3, and X-Force 350.

Sharing a similar design, let’s take a moment to review the highest rated in the series, the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow.

Along with comparing it to other models in the line, we will see how it compares to similarly priced crossbows by other manufacturers.


Carbon Express Axon Crossbow review

Priced at around $850, the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow is not for the faint of heart.  Rather, it is designed for those experienced at crossbow hunting that are looking for a reliable and dependable crossbow.

With a striking design, the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow is considered a customizable crossbow which comes with a range of accessories marketed towards hunting.

This includes a patent-pending picatinny design platform that improves accuracy beyond the majority of other crossbows on the market.

There is also the compact design that makes it perfect for tight spots without reducing its overall accuracy or usability.

Finally, precision engineering allows for a non-creep trigger that is easy to use and release when the time comes to take the shot.

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Coming with a 5-year limited warranty for construction, discover what a number of hunters are settling on for their primary hunting crossbow.


Specifications of the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow

The Carbon Express Axon Crossbow comes with a solid 360 FPS, 122 foot-pounds, and 175 pound draw weight.  This far surpasses other models by Carbon Express.

In addition to having a 13.5-inch power stroke, the 8.3-pound crossbow measures 30.25 inches long by 17 inches wide.

Compact and to the point, the Axon Crossbow is highly versatile.


What do I think of the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow?


The Carbon Express Axon Crossbow received one of the best ratings a crossbow can receive.  Simply put, it is incredibly fun to use.

With a minimal amount of headaches, the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow provides fantastic accuracy that is really hard to beat with a crossbow.

Very comfortable to fire, it is obvious the time and attention Carbon Express put into this crossbow.

Buyers report having a great crossbow that held up against the elements, providing a great performance shot after shot.

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The only complaints to exist regarding the Axon Crossbow involve either shipping or factory defects.

Handled immediately by the company, loose handles, the wrong number of bolts being included, and imperfections in the bar represent just a few of the things that had to be mended.


Guru’s verdict

Barring a problem right out the box, you are bound to find your Carbon Express Axon Crossbow fully worth the $850 price tag.

With an accuracy that is simply phenomenal, the Carbon Express Axon Crossbow should be your top choice if you want to take your hunting experience to a new level.

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