Crossbow Bolts Reviews

Perfect Crossbow Bolts for Those Who Seek Real Performance

The crossbow is a weapon that has been around for over 2500 years. It dates back to ancient China, and has been perfected by warriors and hunters over centuries, turning it into the incredible weapon you can get today.

The construction of the crossbow has undergone some very dramatic changes. At some points in history the crossbow had a wench to it that allowed the user to pull it tightly. Some models looked a lot like the modern pistol that you see today, just a lot larger to accommodate the power needed.

Of course it’s not just the bow itself that has changed. The crossbow bolts have undergone a drastic remodelling over the millennia as well. This has allowed those engaged in combat or out to catch food to use an arrow that best suits the task at hand.

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Hunting with crossbow bolts

The need for arrows in combat is not necessary anymore, as it was even a couple of hundred years ago. This is true for hunting as well, but there are some, like us crossbow enthusiasts, that prefer making use of arrows. Why? Because it’s less likely that they will leave residue in the carcass of the animal, as opposed to bullets. And, you can reuse the arrows. This saves money.

Others enjoy the challenge. After all, it’s quite easy to shoot a buck or some other animal with a high-powered rifle and a scope. However, hitting a moving animal with an arrow is a whole different story. That takes real skill and is why so many choose to hunt with the bolts.

Crossbow bolts or arrows? Here’s your buying guide

First, for those who do not know, there is a difference between a bolt and an arrow. The primary difference is that bolts can only be used with a crossbow, while arrows can be used with a crossbow or a normal bow. Most people do not get caught on the linguistics of this and are satisfied by believing that the two are basically the same.

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  • The bolt or arrow should be between 16” to 22” long. The average is about 20 inches.
  • A person should consult the manufacturer of the crossbow they are using before deciding on what bolt or arrow they should buy.
  • Slightly longer bolts or arrows are fine, but nothing shorter than the recommended.
  • The shaft of the crossbow bolt should be made of either carbon or aluminium. This keeps it from splintering and is also very resistant from the arrow bending. Some bolts combine the two. Arrows can also be made of wood, but these are not usually used by people that have mastered the crossbow. Beginners are more likely to use the wood.

Tips For Choosing A Crossbow

The determination of the right crossbow for yourself starts with the amount of experience you have. The more you have mastered the use the greater the selection that is available to you.

  • For those who are hunting deer, you want to make sure that the amount of force that can be applied is greater than 30 foot-lbs. If not, the arrow will not pierce through the deer enough to drop it.
  • Also you should aim for a speed of minimum 240 FPS.
  • You also need to find one that fits your body and your arm length so that you have no problems holding it properly and aiming.
  • Several come with cocking mechanisms, like TenPoint crossbows. These are much easier to use and are also a lot quieter. This may be important depending upon the animal you are hunting.

Top 3 Crossbow Bolts To Buy:

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-inch Bolts with Field Points

  • These are great for many reasons, but they start with the thickness and weight of the carbon shafts.
  • At just 8.1 ounces, it’s easy to handle but durable enough to go through most materials with ease.

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  • This arrow has 13.78 grains per inch which is matched with 100-grain point. This provides for the highest degree of accuracy as well as the highest level of target penetration.
  • This arrow works with the Ghost 350, Penetrator, Jackal, and Wildcat C-5 crossbows as well.
  • It’s a very sturdy construction and comes with a five-year warranty.

Carbon Express PileDriver fletched Carbon Bolt with 4-inch Vanes

  • This arrow is specifically designed for a hunter who is looking for maximum penetration on impact.
  • This is the heaviest carbon crossbow bolt on the market.
  • Provides the greatest amount of knock-down power when it hits the animal, no matter the size.

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  • The sturdy construction of this bolt ensures incredible spine consistency and great accuracy. This also ensures constant performance for repeated use.
  • Comes in the standard 4″ vanes with inserted moon nocks, plus 6 universal flat nocks.

Extra Survival Aluminium Crossbow Arrow/Bolt Black 20-inch

  • This is the perfect arrow for those who use 150-pound hunting crossbows.
  • Made of a durable aluminium that can handle repeated use; this makes it a good choice as a hunting bolt, especially for larger sized animals.
  • The bolt comes with field tips, and also has a half-moon nock end.

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Extra Survival Aluminum Crossbow Arrow:bolt

The crossbow can be a fun and useful tool to use when hunting. With these bolts/arrows in your arsenal you are sure to bag the big catch you have been wanting. There is simply no beating the thrill of making your own catch, and this will give you the chance to succeed better than ever before.