Excalibur Micro Crossbow Review

A Review Of The Excalibur Micro Crossbow

As far as compact and competent crossbows for hunting are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than the Excalibur lineup – and one of the best that they offer has to be the Excalibur Micro Crossbow.


Excalibur Micro Crossbow review

The kind of compact weapons platform you’re going to want to pack into the brush (especially if you plan on hiking for any distance longer than a couple of miles), the Excalibur Micro crossbow is a capable piece of hunting tech that makes sure you don’t miss your first shot – no matter how cold you might be.

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A recurve crossbow, it’s got the kind of punch and power you’re looking for from something much, much larger, but the kind of compact footprint and form factor that allows you to move through the brush without any trouble.


What do I think of the Excalibur Micro Crossbow?


Aside from the impressive form factor (older hunters are going to love the power to weight ratio that this crossbow brings to the table), the other big benefits you’re going to be able to expect from the Excalibur Micro crossbow are numerous.

We’re talking about the kind of rock solid construction that allows you to reliably deliver bolts downrange without trouble or any accuracy problems, all with the kind of punch you need to go after sizable game.

Combine that with the fine-tuned optics that the Excalibur Micro crossbow comes complete with, as well as the smooth and almost silent operation of the recurve bow, and you shouldn’t have any trouble at all when you’re out in the woods.

It’s so quiet in fact that you’ll be able to hammer turkeys before they even know what happened!

Talk about smooth operation!

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The only real issue you’re going to ever have when you’re looking into the Excalibur Micro crossbow would have to be price tag, but even that isn’t all that stiff when you look at some of the other options on the market.

In fact, compared to some of the other crossbows you have the chance to buy (including some that aren’t anywhere near as capable), you’re looking at a bargain deal here!

Some have also complained about the lack of real punch at longer distances, but when you take into account what this compact crossbow is (and what it isn’t), you’ll see just how unreasonable it is to make those comparisons.

After all, you wouldn’t get upset that a coupe couldn’t haul as much as a full sized pickup, would you?


Standout Feature

The included optics that this Excalibur Micro crossbow has on board are more than good enough to get the job done (and already well-tuned), but you’ll have the chance to add your own accessories and optics if you so choose to.

This really opens up the customization options you’ll gain access to, helping you make this weapon your own and tailoring it to the kind of hunting that you’re interested in.


Guru’s verdict

All things considered, you’re definitely going to want to think long and hard about pulling the trigger (no pun intended) on the Excalibur Micro crossbow.

It brings a lot to the table from a value standpoint, and is definitely going to help you bag some trophies!

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