Horton Havoc Crossbow Review

A Review Of The Horton Havoc Crossbow

The Horton Havoc Crossbow package has a lot to offer people that have been hunting with crossbows for a while, but it’s really designed to get newbies up and running with a reliable tool to do some serious hunting.


Horton Havoc Crossbow review

Rugged, well made, and definitely packing the kind of wallop that you’d expect from a top quality crossbow like this one, you’re going to be in the very best of hands when you decide to move forward with this as your number one hunting option.

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Everything about the Horton Havoc crossbow has been fine tuned to deliver powerful performance without making it inaccessible to new hunters. Though it’s priced a little bit beyond the usual start budget that most newbies are playing with, it’s definitely worth the extra investment. This is the kind of crossbow that you’re going to be able to grow into, if you know what we mean.


What do I think of the Horton Havoc Crossbow?


The Horton Havoc crossbow that you get is going to include a lot of features that expert and experienced crossbow hunters have been asking about for years, but they have all been designed to be as “user friendly” as possible.

You’ll find oversized cams and stings at the ends of the limbs, you’ll find crosses that are well supported, and you’ll find a draw system that is almost effortless and very smooth. All of this combines together to provide you with the kind of premium feel you’re looking for from a weapon like that, without the kind of sticker shock usually associated with these kinds of bows.

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On top of all that, you’re also going to be able to enjoy the relatively compact footprint of the Horton Havoc crossbow. It isn’t exactly a miniature, but it’s going to be small enough hand lightweight enough to pack into and out of the woods without throwing your back. This is a weeklong hunting companion, and one you’re going to have a tough time leaving at home!



On the flip side, it is important to mention that the Horton company has gone out of business recently. This nullifies the amazing reputation they had for customer service and for quality control, and also puts you in a bit of a bind as far as the overall warranty is concerned. It’s tough to get help when there’s no one to call!


Standout Feature

Of all the special features that you’re going to love in regards to the Horton Havoc crossbow, the almost silent draw has to be one of the biggest benefits of the bunch. This is important no matter what you’re hunting, but is especially important when you’re looking to go after game with great hearing. You never want to worry about your bolt not making it downrange in time because the target got wind of the shot before it could get there.


Guru’s verdict

Aside from the fact that this company isn’t around any longer, there’s really nothing to not like in regards to the Horton Havoc crossbow. The odds are pretty good that you’re going to love it!

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