Horton Legend Crossbow Review

A Review Of The Horton Innovations Legend Ultra-Lite Crossbow

As far as ultralight crossbows go, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to seriously consider anything other than the Horton Legend crossbow.


Horton Legend Crossbow review

An absolute perfect example of everything that advanced technology and construction materials have to offer crossbow hunters, this particular system is designed to offer you the kind of premium accuracy and durability you’re expecting in a bow that is pounds and pounds lighter than it probably should be!

Yes, the first time that you lay eyes on this crossbow you’re going to be certain that it’s a back strainer – it just has all the features and the markings you’d expect from something that’s going to be less than pleasant to pack into the bush. But once you get a little closer (and certainly when you lift the crossbow), you’re going to notice that nothing could be further from the truth.

This amazing little piece of engineering marvel is incredibly lightweight and still very, very capable. The Horton Innovations Legend crossbow is one you can’t afford to miss!

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Specifications of the Horton Legend crossbow

The Horton Legend weighs 6.8 pounds and has a draw weight of 175 pounds and is 35.5 inches long and about 18 inches wide  when cocked. Its 12.9 inch power stroke sends 20 inch arrows flying at 330 FPS with 97 ft./lbs. of kinetic energy. So you can it see it packs quite a punch.


What do I think of the Horton Legend crossbow?


The thing that allows the Horton Legend crossbow to be so light yet so accurate and reliable is the inclusion of a carbon injected polymer barrel system.

Designed specifically to help you shave as much weight off this weapon as possible without compromising accuracy, it’s going to help deliver bolts downrange with extreme precision – without breaking your back in the process. It’s something that a lot of crossbow companies promise for sure, but on the Horton Legend crossbow (and a handful of others) are actually able to deliver the goods, so to speak!

On top of that the 3 ½ pound trigger system and amazingly easy pull gives you the chance to send a bolt downrange without any trouble. The quiet and smooth mechanism is reliable and won’t alert game, and it will keep you in a prime position to come away with more trophies than you might have otherwise.

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One more thing worth mentioning is that the Horton Legend crossbow is developed by Horton Innovations and still made by the company on the date at which I wrote this post, as opposed to the Horton Havoc crossbow for which support is no longer available.



There aren’t many complaints about the Horton Legend Ultra-Lite Crossbow. Maybe it would have been nice that for this price range that it would include a carrying device of some sorts.


Standout Feature

The safety features that the Horton Legend Ultra-Lite crossbow offers are impressive, especially as far as the safety wings on the fore grip and near the flight deck are concerned. You aren’t ever going to have to worry about any of those painful accidents every again, that’s for sure!


Guru’s verdict

Those serious about getting their hands on a quality crossbow at a price point that they are comfortable with are going to love the Horton Legend Ultra-Lite crossbow.

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