PSE Fang 350 Crossbow Review

A Review Of The PSE Fang 350 crossbow

One of the most impressive “cheap” hunting crossbows you’ll find on the market today, the PSE Fang 350 crossbow offers the same kind of engineering and options that bows two or even three times as expensive offer.


PSE Fang 350 Crossbow review

For those that are serious about getting their hands on a relatively inexpensive crossbow while still be able to rely on the platform every time they’re out in the woods, this is the go-to option on the market today!

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Specifications of the PSE Fang 350 Crossbow

The bow has been very well designed (offering a top speed of 345 FPS with quality bolts), safety features you need in today’s hunting climate, and a draw weight that is going to make you comfortable dropping midsize to large game without too much trouble at all.

Combine all of that with a level of accuracy and precision that you usually wouldn’t expect from a crossbow at this price point (but instead one much more expensive) and you see pretty quickly what helps separate the PSE Fang 350 from the rest of the pack!


What do I think of the PSE Fang 350 crossbow?


You’ll be able to effortlessly snap the PSE Fang 350 crossbow together in about 10 minutes (right out of the box the first time) without any experience at all, a BIG bonus point for those that are just getting into crossbow hunting.

It’s very reliable and amazingly accurate, with most people reporting that it only took them an hour or two at the range to really zero in this crossbow and the included optics. The Weaver style rail gives you the chance to quickly swap out the optics with something more expensive and more suitable to your hunting style if you’d like, but the stock option isn’t all that bad, either.

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The included bolts (three of them) are okay – not great, but not terrible either – so you’ll probably want to make the switch to something a little better when you get the chance. At the same time, it’s nice to see a company include some bolts with the purchase so that you can test your weapon right out of the box. So that’s a big bonus!

Finally, the lightweight but durable construction of the PSE Fang 350 crossbow definitely helps to set it apart from all other options as well. It’s not the lightest bow on the market, but again, at this price, it’s head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.



The power the PSE Fang 350 crossbow offers is considerable, but not quite as powerful as other, more expensive options. You may or may not feel completely comfortable hunting anything and everything with this crossbow at your shoulder.


Standout Feature

The standout feature on the PSE Fang 350 crossbow has to be the price.

Seriously, this is a crossbow that could effortlessly command two times as much, which makes it an exceptional bargain. You’re going to love it!


Guru’s verdict

Those looking to get started in the world of crossbow hunting (especially those that aren’t sure if they’re going to love it yet) would do well to get their hands on the PSE Fang 350 crossbow. It’s capable, powerful, and not the most expensive thing on the block.

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