SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow Review

A Review Of The SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow

Building a legacy of superior design, SA Sports specializes in making excellent quality crossbows. With 20+ years spent towards designing and refining their models, the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow represents the next step in providing a less expensive alternative to their more expensive lines.

So, how does the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow hold up to it’s more expensive counterparts and other crossbows with this price point? Let’s take a moment to find out!


SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow review

In typical SA Sports design, the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow is sleek black and professional looking. Camo decals help add a little color typically not seen with other SA Sports crossbow models.

Advertised at around $320, it is also among the less expensive products offered by SA Sports in this category.

With the Dragon Crossbow, SA Sports’ goal was to combine a silent shot with a smooth draw and no loss to accuracy.

The Dragon crossbow fires arrow at 340 FPS. It comes with an owner’s manual and warranty card. The package also contains 3 aluminium arrows, a multi-range scope as well as a cocking device and hexagon keys. They are definitely looking to win you over with accessories.

The question is, does this work? Let’s look beyond the accessories and focus on the basic specifications of the crossbow.

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Specifications of the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow

The SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow has a speed of 340 FPS helped by a draw weight of 165 LBS.

While less powerful than the Empire Aggressor (340 versus 390 FPS and 165 versus 180 LBS), the price is also hundreds of dollars cheaper and even the weight is reduced to an admirable 6 pounds.

The Dragon crossbow measures in at 34.5 inches long by 22 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

It comes with everything pictured.


What do I think of the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow?


I liked the specifications of this crossbow. Making this Dragon crossbow review, I found this to be an excellent deal when considering the $320 price tag.

With comparable models by other manufacturers listed in the $400+ range, the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow is considered a steal by many looking for superior performance from a discounted crossbow. You can check out other crossbows in this guide.

Combining its lightweight frame, it quiet firing, and excellent power & accuracy, the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow is considered a great purchase by many people.

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Where the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow suffers a little is in manufacturing. There are reports that the limb pockets break easily due to the lightness of the bow. You could try to fight this by using a limb saver and quality bolts.

You may want to consider this when narrowing down your list of crossbows as well as the 1-year warranty.


Guru’s verdict

The SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow performs well above its price tag and lives up to the promises made by SA Sports.

It’s a great, powerful and lightweight crossbow, definitely worth having.

If you can get beyond the possible chance of the limb pockets breaking, then the SA Sports Empire Dragon Crossbow should be near the top of your list for this price range.

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