SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow Review

A Review Of The SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow

Producing hunting gear and crossbows, SA Sports works to create a name for itself in this competitive industry. Remaining at the front of the competition by focusing on design, durability, power, and precision, SA Sports updates their designs with every new crossbow release. The SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow is in many ways the next step.

So, how does it compare to SA Sports’ legacy of quality craftsmanship and operation and is it worth the cost when compared to other crossbows priced similarly? Let’s take a moment to find out.


SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow review

Priced at $600, the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow combines the practical design seen in all SA Sports crossbows with an all over camo coloring. A move away from the more traditional black look, the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow definitely does a better job at standing out.

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The lightweight material used by Barnett helps to keep the weight of this crossbow manageable, even when it packs this much punch.


As for operation, the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow comes with a 3.5-pound trigger pull that incorporates an ambidextrous auto safety feature.

A padded shoulder swing, rope cocking device, the inclusion of 4 carbon arrows, and a rear stock help to provide the crossbow with a range of functional accessories that you are bound to find helpful.

Let’s not forget the illuminated multi range 4 x 32 scope.


Specifications of the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow

The SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow provides 375 FPS made possible by a 200-pound power stroke.

Its overall dimensions are 36 inches by 24 inches by 10 inches in size and it is surprisingly lightweight despite it’s power (8.5 pounds.) This is helped along by the compression fiberglass used in the limbs that help to absorb the impact when an arrow is released while also reducing sound and keeping the crossbow lightweight.


What do I think of the Barnett Penetrator Crossbow?


People who purchased the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow liked how it was easy to assemble, taking on average only an hour to assemble and read through the instructions.

In addition, they were impressed by the power of the shots as well as the additions built into the crossbow regarding the trigger.

Finally, the accuracy of the crossbow has repeatedly been praised for being outstanding.

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The SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow scores poorer marks when it comes to the scope, which while functional is nothing special for the price.


Guru’s verdict

At $600, the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow is priced at the higher end of mid-range crossbows. The overwhelmingly positive feature of this crossbow includes its power that does not come at too much of a loss in terms of additional weight.

In addition, its accuracy helps it to live up to the standards of other SA Sports crossbows, making it a great choice when it comes to the SA Sports line. When compared to other manufacturers, the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow fails in many of the same ways that competitors do.

With less attention given to the accessories, it may be prudent to purchase a better scope as well as arrows. Despite this, the SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow makes a strong case for itself and should be considered if you are looking for a powerful crossbow.

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